Add Page Tab to your Facebook page in easy steps

Looking for simple ways to load content directly from your website to your Facebook Page? Then this post is for you.

Today I want to share how to load content from your web server to your Facebook Page using Page Tab.

A Facebook page contains standard tabs like “About”, “Events” or “Photos”.  In addition to these standard tabs, you can add custom Page tabs via the Facebook platform. These custom Page tabs load content from your website using an iframe.

Getting Started

Before you start, let me tell what you need.

  1. Secure URL (HTTPS address of your content)
  2. Facebook App

#1: Prepare your content with Secure URL

First of all, prepare your content to load when the user selects your Tab. Since SSL support for your page tab app has been mandatory,  you need secure URL (https address).

#2: Configure settings in App Dashboard

In order to enable Page tab, you need to have a Facebook App. Go to the App Dashboard and select Settings > Basic. Then click on the Add Platform button and choose Page Tab from the dialog. Specify secure page Tab URL, Tab Name and Edit URL. Here’s the sample.

Page Tab Settings

#3: Add Page Tab to Facebook Page

So far, we have created content with secured URL and configure our Tab settings. Now its time to add Page Tab to Facebook Page. In order to add, open the following URL with your own parameters.

where app_id is your app’s unique identifier and redirect_uri is the URL to redirect to after a person clicks a button on the dialog.

After opening this URL, you will be prompted with the similar screen:

Add Page Tab

Select the page on which you want to add Tab and click the Add Button.

#4: Arrange the order of Tab

After following above steps, you should see the newly added Tab in your Facebook Page. If not shown, then you need to Go to your Facebook Page Settings > Edit Page. Scroll down to Tabs Section. You can see the newly created Tab. Rearrange the position using drag and drop.

You can check our Demo Page Tab at

Facebook page tab preview

Hope you enjoyed this article. See you soon.

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